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Dental Health

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Gingivectomy Diagnosis Aftercare

Periodontal procedures for gingivitis involve gingival curettage, in which the surgeon cuts away some of the most hygienically unhealthy tissue, reducing the depth of the pocket. This surgery is usually done under a local anesthetic and is done on one quadrant of the mouth at a time. Gingival or periodontal flap surgery (gingivectomy) is indicated in …

Gingivectomy Periodontal Surgery

Gingivectomy is periodontal surgery that removes and reforms diseased gum tissue or other gingival buildup related to serious underlying conditions. For more chronic gingival conditions, gingivectomy is utilized after other non-surgical methods have been tried, and before gum disease has advanced enough to jeopardize the ligaments and bone supporting the teeth. Performed in a dentist’s office, …

Gingivectomy Periodontal Surgery Results

Periodontal surgery has few risks. There is, however, the risk of introducing infection into the bloodstream. Some surgeons require antibiotic treatment before andafter surgery. Normal results
The gold standard of periodontal treatment is the decrease of attachment loss, which is the decrease in tooth loss due to gingival conditions. Normal immediate results of surgery are short-term …