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Shoulder resection arthroplasty is surgery performed to repair a shoulder acromioclavicular (AC) joint. The procedure is most commonly recommended for AC joint problems resulting from osteoarthritis or injury. The shoulder consists of three bones: the shoulder blade, the upper arm bone (humerus), and the collarbone (clavicle). The part of the shoulder blade that makes up […]

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Shoulder joint replacement surgery is performed to replace a shoulder joint with artificial components (prostheses) when the joint is severely damaged by such degenerative joint diseases as arthritis, or in complex cases of upper arm bone fracture. The shoulder is a ball-and-socket joint that allows the arms to be raised, twisted, bent, and moved forward, […]

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Rotator cuff surgery is the repair of inflammation or tears of the rotator cuff tendons in the shoulder. There are four tendons in the rotator cuff, and these tendons are attached individually to the following muscles: teres minor, subscapularis, infraspinatus, and the supraspinatus. The tears and inflammation associated with rotator cuff injury occur in the […]

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Orthopedic surgery Definition : Orthopedic surgery is an operation performed by a medical specialist such as an orthopedist or orthopedic surgeon, who is trained to assess and treat problems that develop in the bones, joints, and ligaments of the human body. Purpose Orthopedic surgery addresses and attempts to correct problems that arise in the skeleton […]

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Limb salvage Definition Limb salvage surgery is a type of surgery primarily performed to remove bone and soft-tissue cancers occurring in limbs in order to avoid amputation. Purpose Limb salvage surgery is performed to remove cancer and avoid amputation, while preserving the patient’s appearance and the greatest possible degree of function in the affected limb. […]

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Aftercare After the operation, nursing staff teach patients how to clean and care for the skin around the pins that attach the external fixator to the limb (pinsite care). Patients are also shown how to recognize and treat early signs of infection and not to neglect pinsite care, which takes about 30 minutes every day […]

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Leg lengthening / shortening Definition Leg lengthening or shortening involves a variety of surgical procedures used to correct legs of unequal lengths, a condition referred to as limb length discrepancy (LLD). LLD occurs because a leg bone grows more slowly in one leg than on the other leg. Surgical treatment is indicated for discrepancies exceeding […]

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Kneecap removal Definition Kneecap removal, or patellectomy, is the partial or total surgical removal of the patella, commonly called the kneecap. Purpose Kneecap removal is performed under three circumstances: • The kneecap is fractured or shattered. • The kneecap dislocates easily and repeatedly. • Degenerative arthritis of the kneecap causes extreme pain. Demographics A person […]

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Aftercare Aftercare following knee revision surgery is essentially the same as for knee replacement, consisting of a combination of physical therapy, rehabilitation exercises, pain medication when necessary, and a period of home health care or assistance. The length of recovery after revision knee surgery varies in comparison to the patient’s first knee replacement. Some patients […]

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Knee revision surgery Definition Knee revision surgery, which is also known as revision total knee arthroplasty, is a procedure in which the surgeon removes a previously implanted artificial knee joint, or prosthesis, and replaces it with a new prosthesis. Knee revision surgery may also involve the use of bone grafts. The bone graft may be […]

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