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Surgical abortions MANUAL VACUUM ASPIRATION. Up to 10 weeks gestation, a pregnancy can be ended by a procedure called manual vacuum aspiration (MVA). This procedure is also called menstrual extraction, mini-suction, or early abortion. The contents of the uterus are suctioned out through a thin plastic tube that is inserted through the cervix; suction is […]

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A salpingostomy is a surgical incision into a fallopian tube. This procedure may be done to repair a damaged tube or to remove an ectopic pregnancy (one that occurs outside of the uterus). The fallopian tubes are the structures that carry a mature egg from the ovaries to the uterus. These tubes, which are about […]

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Unilateral salpingo-oophorectomy is the surgical removal of a fallopian tube and an ovary. If both sets of fallopian tubes and ovaries are removed, the procedure is called a bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy. This surgery is performed to treat ovarian or other gynecological cancers, or infections caused by pelvic inflammatory disease. Occasionally, removal of one or both ovaries […]

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Oophorectomy ovariectomy – diagnosis / preparation Before surgery, the doctor will order blood and urine tests, and any additional tests such as ultrasound or x rays to help the surgeon visualize the woman’s condition. The woman may also meet with the anesthesiologist to evaluate any special conditions that might affect the administration of anesthesia. A […]

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Oophorectomy : Unilateral oophorectomy (also called an ovariectomy) is the surgical removal of an ovary. If one ovary is removed, a woman may continue to menstruate and have children. If both ovaries are removed, a procedure called a bilateral oophorectomy, menstruation stops and a woman loses the ability to have children. Oophorectomy is performed to: […]

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Obstetric and gynecologic surgery Definition : Obstetric and gynecologic surgery refers to procedures that are performed to treat a variety of conditions affecting the female reproductive organs. The main structures of the reproductive system are the vagina, the uterus, the ovaries, and the fallopian tubes. Description Obstetrics is the branch of medicine that focuses on […]

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Myomectomy Definition : Myomectomy is the removal of fibroids (non-cancerous tumors) from the wall of the uterus. Myomectomy is the preferred treatment for symptomatic fibroids in women who want to keep their uterus. Larger fibroids must be removed with an abdominal incision, but small fibroids can be taken out by laparoscopy or hysteroscopy. Purpose A […]

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Medical abortions are brought about by taking medications that end the pregnancy. The advantages of a first trimester medical abortion are: –  The procedure is non-invasive; no surgical instruments are used. –  Anesthesia is not required. –  Drugs are administered either orally or by injection. –  The outcome resembles a natural miscarriage. Disadvantages of a […]

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Laparoscopy for endometriosis Definition Laparoscopy is a surgical procedure in which a laparoscope, a telescope-like instrument, is inserted into the abdomen through a small incision and used to diagnose or treat various diseases. Specifically, laparoscopy may be used to diagnose and treat endometriosis, a condition in which the tissue that lines the uterus grows elsewhere […]

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İnduced abortion definition Induced abortion is the intentional termination of a pregnancy before the fetus can live independently. An abortion may be elective (based on a womans personal choice) or therapeutic (to preserve the health or save the life of a pregnant woman). Purpose An abortion may be performed whenever there is some compelling reason […]

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