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Op. Dr. Ali GÜRTUNA On 22 Mar, 2012 At 12:40 PM | Kategori: Internal Medicine

Smokers who are trying to quit should remind themselves that they are doing the smartest thing they have ever done. Because of the preparation for smoking cessation, the smoker wont be surprised or fearful about quitting. The quitter will be willing to do whats necessary, even though it wont be easy. Remember, this will likely […]

Op. Dr. Ali GÜRTUNA On 22 Mar, 2012 At 12:20 PM | Kategori: Internal Medicine

Smoking cessation means "to quit smoking," or "withdrawal from nicotine." Because smoking is highly addictive, quitting the habit often involves irritability, headache, mood swings, and cravings associated with the sudden cessation or reduction of tobacco use by a nicotine-dependent individual. There are many good reasons to stop smoking; not the least is that smoking cessation […]

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A second opinion is the process of seeking an evaluation by another doctor or surgeon to confirm the diagnosis and treatment plan of a primary physician, or to offer an alternative diagnosis and/or treatment approach. Getting a second surgical opinion can fill an important emotional need as well as establishing medical needs and treatment goals. […]

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Red blood cell (RBC) indices are calculations derived from the complete blood count that aid in the diagnosis and classification of anemia. Red blood cell indices help classify types of anemia, a decrease in the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood. Healthy people have an adequate number of correctly sized red blood cells containing enough […]

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The pulse oximeter is a photoelectric instrument for measuring oxygen saturation of blood. A pulse oximeter measures the amount of oxygen present in blood by registering pulsations within an arteriolar bed (an area between arteries and capillaries). It is a noninvasive method widely used in hospitals on newborns, persons with pulmonary disorders, and individuals undergoing […]

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Private health insurance plans include all forms of health insurance that are not funded by the government. These plans are intended to protect their beneficiaries from the high costs that may be incurred for health care. Most private insurance plans in the United States are employment-based. Of the nearly 239 million Americans who are covered […]

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A physical examination is the evaluation of a body to determine its state of health. The techniques of inspection include palpation (feeling with the hands and/or fingers), percussion (tapping with the fingers), auscultation (listening), and smell. A complete health assessment also includes gathering information about a person’s medical history and lifestyle, conducting laboratory tests, and […]

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Peritoneal dialysis In peritoneal dialysis, the patient’s peritoneum, or lining of the abdomen, acts as a blood filter. A catheter is surgically inserted into the patient’s abdomen. During treatment, the catheter is used to fill the abdominal cavity with dialysate. Waste products and excess fluids move from the patient’s bloodstream into the dialysate solution. After […]

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Patient rights : Patient rights encompass legal and ethical issues in the provider-patient relationship, including a person’s right to privacy, the right to quality medical care without prejudice, the right to make informed decisions about care and treatment options, and the right to refuse treatment. The purpose of delineating patient rights is to ensure the […]

Op. Dr. Ali GÜRTUNA On 22 Mar, 2012 At 12:02 PM | Kategori: Internal Medicine

Patient confidentiality : Confidentiality is the right of an individual to have personal, identifiable medical information kept private. Such information should be available only to the physician of record and other health care and insurance personnel as necessary. As of 2003, patient confidentiality was protected by federal statute. The passage of federal regulations (the Health […]

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